Powder paint curing

Are you a manufacturer or painter looking for an effective solution for curing powder paint on different types of part or material? Discover the ovens and tunnels produced by Sunkiss Matherm.

Who should you contact ?

Abdelmajid LEMAISSI

+33 7 85 12 77 79

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You need

You have a need to :

To increase production speed

To save energy

To handle a range of heavier parts

To reduce the amount of floor space taken up by curing equipment

Our solutions

We offer you our Thermoreactor® technology

A mixed gas/hot air infrared tunnel

Boosting your existing infrared tunnel with upstream gelling

Boosting through the integration of our emitters into your existing structure

What will you gain ?
  • Reduced cooking time
  • Increased energy efficiency
  • Less clutter
  • Optimal finishing quality
Examples of work carried out on our customers’ premises
Curing powder on steel beams in 4 mins
Curing powder on sheet metal in 30 secs
Curing powder on aluminium coils in 1 min
Gelling powder on truck and boat engines in 10 mins