Plastic – PVC

Films and coating, thermoplastic or thermoset compound materials, automobile parts. Discover the solutions that Sunkiss Matherm implements for plastics and PVC pre-heating and polymerisation.

Who should you contact ?

Madeleine ORIOL

+33 6 77 11 66 82

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You need

You have a need to :

Gelling latex coating, PVC, etc.

Pre-heating a plastic surface prior to etching or embossing

Pre-heating a compound material before thermoforming

Relaxing residual constraints in a part of coating

Polymerise resin on automobile plastic parts

Our solutions

A made-to-measure gas infrared furnace roof for pre-gelling

An electric infrared etching furnace roof

A mixed Thermoreactor® pre-hot air doping tunnel

An infrared multi-zone pre-heating oven

A mobile infrared portal structure for treating coating

What will you gain ?
  • Exceptional life span in an environment with plasticizing fumes
  • Reduced energy bill
  • Partially cleans up pollution thanks to our recycling technology
  • Designed specially to suit your application
  • A compact and efficient drying unit
Examples of work carried out on our customers’ premises
PVC floor embossment up to 5m wide
Pre-gelling of latex underside of bath mats
Consolidation of PEEK pre-impregnated carbon
Varnish polymerisation on sandpaper coating
Drying adhesives on films