Radiant infrarouge électriqueRadiant infrarouge électriqueRadiant infrarouge électrique

Electrical infrared radiant units

SUNKISS MATHERM designs and produces a comprehensive range of made-to-measure electrical infrared radiant units. These meet all drying and curing needs by factoring in application, part size, thermal requirements and setting mode.


Electrical infrared radiators

ALUTHERM electrical infrared radiators
CERATHERM electrical infrared radiators
CATEL catalytic electrical infrared radiator


Benefits of our electrical infrared radiant units

Made-to-measure radiant units up to 6 metres long
High radiation efficiency : 20 to 30% electricity saving compared to IR lamps
Little inertia : only 3 to 5 seconds from launch to maximum temperature

ALUTHERM electrical infrared radiator: aluminium profile structure

puce-14Some examples in 20 kW/m²

Model 750

Voltage : 230 V MONO
Power : 4,6 kW
Dimensions : 750 x 250 x 126 mm.

Model 1500

Voltage : 400 V MONO
Power : 11,6 kW
Dimensions : 1500 x 300 x 126 mm.

Model 1000

Voltage : 400 V MONO
Power : 8,0 kW
Dimensions : 1000 x 300 x 126 mm.

Model 2000

Voltage : 3 x 400 V
Power : 20 kW
Dimensions : 2000 x 300 x 126 mm.

Benefits of the ALUTHERM radiant unit

  1. medium-power density
  2. flexible power settings
  3. excellent quality/price ratio
Sample areas of application of ALUTHERM electrical radiators
Any aluminium and metal parts
Any plastic parts
Any wooden parts
Water phase painting
Textile powdering

CERATHERM electrical infrared radiant unit: refractory tiles structure

Construction of large infrared vaults perfectly suited to high-temperature treatments.
Treat multiple areas thanks to Ceratherm SP Mini technology.

Benefits of CERATHERM radiating unit

  1. high power density
  2. high radiating performances
  3. steam resistant
  4. can be installed face to face
Sample areas of application for industrial drying ovens
Textiles dry-out
Gelling PVC coating
Gelling latex coating
Drying PTFE

CATEL Catalytic electrical infrared radiant unit: 2 sizes so as to cater to all your needs


Voltage : 220 V
Power : 3.74 kW
Intensity : 17.0 A
Dimensions : 1555 x 242 x 220 mm.

Square CATEL

Voltage : 220 V
Power : 5.00 kW
Intensity : 23.0 A
Dimensions : 545 x 545 x 213 mm.

Benefits of the CATEL radiant unit

  1. low-power density
  2. soft IR radiation
  3. tolerates solvents thanks to catalytic design
  4. particularly suited to drying plastic parts
  5. highly flexible power setting
Sample areas of application for industrial drying ovens
Automobile parts
Cosmetic parts
Multimedia parts
PVC sections