Maintenance of an infrared oven

An infrared drying unit needs revisions or adjustments throughout its life. Beyond repairs, the maintenance service offered by Sunkiss Matherm provides for regular maintenance of your equipment. This enables you to enjoy the benefits of our technological upgrades, allowing you to enhance the performance of your unit.

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Signs of weakness of the infra-red oven

Signs of weakness of the infra-red oven


our drying oven is getting old. You notice a drop in power or a decline in the drying quality for your products. The availability rate has decreased. You are not sure that your drying tunnels complies with new environmental regulations …


Diagnostics and devising a maintenance plan

To deal with these problems, you first want to get a diagnostic check on your Thermoreactor® oven, hot air oven, ionisation or flaming equipment. Your requirements may relate to:

  1. Finding spare parts.
  2. Operational upkeep of your equipment.
  3. Arranging preventive inspections to prolong the life of your infrared oven.
  4. Training operators or new operational teams.

Maintenance offers for your industrial oven


  • Your customer support contact: Gino ROMEUF – From Monday to Friday 8am to 12pm and 1pm to 6pm – +33 (0)4 72 27 21 27
  • All our technicians are qualified
  • WE provide them with regular training on: gas, electricity, automation, aeraulic systems
  • Rapid response and work

Original spare parts

  • Radiants partially or completely replaced
  • All brands of radiants and burners supplied
  • Parts in stock dispatched within 24h


We can review your infrared oven on one of two bases :

  1. 1. Occasional intervention (no contract)
  2. 2. As part of a maintenance contract

  • 1 or 2 annual inspections: intervention within 48h and preferential rate on parts
  • Inspections of thermoreactors, safety parts, gas network, electrical connections, control panel, ventilation, aeraulic system
  • Inspection certificate upon completion


  • Replacement of obsolete parts (burners, etc.) in accordance with standard EN 746-2
  • Brought into compliance with prevailing regulations

Expert assessments

  • Combustion inspection
  • Aeraulic system inspection
  • Firing curve inspection
  • Overall operational inspection
  • For all inspection: expert report


  • Training in how to use (half-day or full-day depending on unit)
  • Maintenance training (half-day or full-day depending on unit)


The advantages of the maintenance contract for your drying oven

Get back the original performance level – or better – thanks to a new technology
Limit unavailability of the unit thanks to preventive interventions (maintenance contract)
Reduce length of time your infrared tunnel unavailable by using the permanent hotline and spare parts store
Make sure your unit complies with new standards
Spread maintenance costs with discounts on parts as part of the maintenance contract (1 or 2 annual checks)


Rapid-response technical support
An approach that caters to a variety of brands and units (any item from the painting line)
Gas combustion know-how for industrial infrared technologies

For your maintenance :

Hotline available from Monday to Friday 8am to 12pm and 1pm to 6pm

Weekend work


Scope of application Technical solution provided Benefits gained
Liquid painting – Modification of a 1980s railway unit
– Replacements of 110 infrared radiant nit and an air unit
– Brought into compliance (replace fibres classified as carcinogenic with bio-soluble fibres that pose no risk to health),
– Consumes less energy
– Cuts drying time
Liquid painting – Drying tunnels for aeronautical parts
– Replacement of 120 radiant units
Recovery of original output