Fabrics for technical uses

Surface treatment of fabrics for technical use demand very specific skills. Since 1953 Sunkiss Matherm has been honing its expertise in various sectors: pneumatics, furnishings, medical, composites, etc.

Who should you contact ?

Madeleine ORIOL

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You need

You have a need to :

To pre-dry fabrics to avoid pigment migration and the double-side effect

To save energy

To increase drying speed for heavy fabrics

To gel powders to the back of non-woven fabrics

Our solutions

A gas infrared pre-drier adapted to suit your project

An electrical infrared pre-drier adapted to suit your project

A thermoplastic powder curing oven

A pre-heating furnace roof prior to assembly for textile sheets

What will you gain ?
  • Perfectly uniform and symmetrical pre-drying
  • Increased energy efficiency
  • High-quality equipment requiring less maintenance
  • Less floor space taken up by drying equipment
  • Optimal dry filling quality for your fabrics
Examples of work carried out on our customers’ premises
Removal of visible defects after pre-drying canvass for stores
Increased drying speed for furnishing fabrics
Reduced energy consumption for powdering automobile rugs
Improvement of final appearance of powder point through interlining