Radiant Infrarouge gazRadiant Infrarouge gazRadiant Infrarouge gaz

THERMOFONTE gas infrared radiant unit

SUNKISS MATHERM has developed a gas infrared radiant burner for manufacturing. The Thermofonte is widely used in the food and textile dry-out sectors.


THERMOFONTE gas infrared radiant unit

Radiant infrarouge thermofontePower : 8 kW
Dimensions: 376 x 139 x 285 mm
Fuel : Natural gas
Surface temperature : 700°C to 900°C
Gas pressure : 20 mbar
Heated surface : Ceramic plates


Benefits of our gas infrared radiant units:

Higher heating density (power 150 KW per m2)
Possibility of very wide row thanks to good cross-lighting between radiant units
Robustness and longevity

The industrial applications of THERMOFONTE gas infrared radiant unit


pplications for the field of the agroalimentary industrialist.

Sample areas of application of THERMOFONTE gas infrared radiating unit
Textile dry-out
Pizza flame treatment
Grating for cooked dishes
Bread toasting
Surface glazing of biscuits