Food industry

In the food sector, gilding, toasting and adding gratin to pizzas or cooked meals, and glazing biscuits and crèmes brûlées, are essential for generating appetites for your products.

Who should you contact ?

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You need

You have a need to :

To gild or add gratin to the top of a cooked meal

To caramelize the sugar on a biscuit or crème brûlée

To toast or gild bread or biscuits

To flame treat a pizza to add toppings

Our solutions

A gas infrared oven specially for your application

An electrical infrared doping furnace roof for your equipment

A made-to-measure infrared tunnels with a conveyor belt

A regulated infrared module for applying toppings

Fully stainless steel constructions that comply with standards and good practices

What will you gain ?
  • Reliable and strong material ensuring optimal life span
  • More energy efficiency
  • Technically excellent equipment
  • Performances checked in our testing centre
  • Guaranteed to suit your requirements
Examples of work carried out on our customers’ premises
7,500 pizzas flame treated per hour
Gilding and toasting of extruded dough
Adding toppings to cooked meals
Glazing biscuits and confectionary