Our assets

Sunkiss Matherm specialises in infrared radiant units and offers tailor-made design, installation and maintenance of industrial drying ovens.


hatever you need, we advise you on the optimal solution so that you enjoy many benefits and an increase in productivity. Sunkiss Matherm also works to improve the performance of existing facilities.

Decisive advantages for your drying tunnel

Substantial time savings

Dries up to 4 times faster thanks to the speed at which temperature rises and the accelerated evaporation, fusion and polymerisation processes.

Energy efficiency

Performance 40% higher with some models
Can use up to 40% less energy thanks to the direct transfer of energy from the Thermoreactor® to organic coating.


A flameless and clean catalytic technology
Our ovens do not generate carbon monoxide or nitrogen oxide. Combustion quality also guarantees a better appearances for your finished products.

Testing room trials

Advertised performances checked.

Rapid-reaction technical support

A 24-hour hotline, technicians on site with 48h.